To create a stunning interior landscape for your residential or commercial space begins with an on-site visit from Jacqui.  She will evaluate the space and create a unique plan  that considers just the right elements for your environment: lighting, locations, color & size of specimens, paired with the latest traditional or contemporary containers to compliment the setting in which they are placed.

She works with clients & interior designers to create a proposal that fits both your space and your budget.  She strives to be in the forefront of industry trends and to make available the most beautiful, functional and most unique plants & trees she can find.

Whether it is a few simple arrangements or an entire building or home, no job is too big or too small.  Her emphasis relies on using unique and rare specimens in an artistic way to bring an area to life.   ~ The perfect plant in the perfect pot becomes living art.


Keeping living plants looking good all the time is part science and part art.  In addition to offering full set-up, delivery and installation by our highly trained staff, we also offer maintenance packages for all of our designs.

Our experienced team of technicians includes weekly or bi-weekly visits that water, prune & fertilize on a regular basis to keep your live plants looking robust & healthy for years to come.